Undergraduate Volunteer Positions

The C-STEM Center has multiple leadership positions open to UC Davis undergraduate students.

We are always in need of help in all aspects of our program, so if you are a motivated, self-initiated, and hard-working individual, you can join one of the following C-STEM teams.  Please send an email to  jobs@c-stem.ucdavis.edu to indicate your interest with the info: expected graduate date, GPA, optional cover letter and resume.

Volunteer at the RoboPlay Competition

The C-STEM Center invites you to become a volunteer for our annual RoboPlay Competition, benefiting K-14 STEM education.

The goal of the RoboPlay Competition  is to broaden student participation in computing, science, technology, engineering, and math (C-STEM) education with positive youth development for all students. The teamwork involved in the RoboPlay Competition engages all students and allows them to develop their critical thinking and collaborative skills.

As you may be aware, the C-STEM Center has provided innumerable benefits to the greater Sacramento Area for the past four years. Volunteers can help coordinate the event, create challenges for the competition, judge the competitions and assist during the event.

Your volunteer work will help assure the success of the RoboPlay Competition.

CLICK HERE for RoboPlay Competition 2018 Volunteer Sign Up Form

Volunteering Flyer

The following volunteer positions require a longer term of commitment to the day of the RoboPlay Competition. These commitments can range from the months before the event to the end of the event depending on the level or participation required.

    • Volunteer Coordinators: These volunteers act as representatives for coordinating large groups of volunteers coming from various volunteer organizations. They will help with the recruitment and communication dissemination for their respective companies.
    • Head Judge: Oversees all competition on C-STEM Day. Works with volunteer chairs and judges prior to the competition to ensure all judges are knowledgeable of the task and their associated point allocations, as well as the procedures and schedules for the event. During the competition, works with judges on situations that require multiple input to determine point allocation.
    • Judges:
      • Video Judges – these judges do not attend C-STEM Day, but will judge video submissions remotely during the first part of May.
      • Challenge Competition Judges – These judges will be present at each C-STEM day location, and will be posted at each of the competition boards, keeping track of student attempts and scores as well as serving as a source of motivation for students as they attempt the challenges.

Other volunteers needed on the RoboPlay Competition event day:

  • MC: The Master of Ceremony (MC) is the voice of C-STEM Day. This person will make announcements, direct the schedule and traffic for the entire site, and provide commentary for the competition. The MC must bring enthusiasm for the competition to get competitors excited and spectators involved.
  • Event Volunteers: Several volunteers are needed to provide general logistical or technical support throughout the day.
  • A/V Support: Responsible for helping to set up the AV equipment, including projectors, screens, microphones, and speakers.
  • Registration / Information / Check-in: This person will keep track of documents from each competing team, provide name tags and team bags to all participants, make sure participants know where they need to go, and provide general information about the competition.
  • Photographers/Videographer: Attendance during the conference is required, take pictures and video of the competition.