Q: Where do I get the signed UC Davis W-9 form?

Q: How do I set up my Canvas Net ID?

  •  Click here for instructions.

Q: How do I pay for UC Riverside Extension units?

  • Click here for instructions. 

Q:  I have a Multiple Subject credential.  Can I get a Specific CS Supplementary Teaching Authorization to teach at the high school level?

  • Per the CTC, teachers who hold a Multiple Subject credential can only attach the Introductory Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science.   You are welcome to take Course 5 as professional development, but you will not qualify for the Specific Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science.  The Specific authorization can only attach to Single Subject credentials. The CTC handbook explains, “The Intro supplementary will allow you to teach departmentalized classes related to the supplementary authorization listed on their credential in grades 9 and below."
  • This authorization is not the equivalent of a Single Subject credential, and these courses are not the equivalent of meeting the Subject Matter Competence necessary to earn a single subject credential.  Additionally, there is no Single Subject credential in Computer Science:  it does not exist.  We recommend contacting your employer for guidance on their requirements to teach CS at the high school level.