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The C-STEM program provides K-14 students with an exceptional opportunity of hands-on integrated learning of math and computer science with robotics. Computer programming and robotics are just the beginning. Students take the concepts they learn in their core classes and apply them to real life problems where they are challenged to think critically and come up with creative solutions.

As a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program, participation in the C-STEM program, C-STEM student individual and team awards, and C-STEM extracurricular  activities  are recognized in the UC admissions process as achievements that have explicitly prepared students for college and career.

Students can get  involved in the C-STEM program through:

Various C-STEM awards and scholarships are available to middle and high school students.

If the C-STEM program is not available in your school, you may send links for C-STEM curriculumbenefits working with C-STEM Center, and the article “teaching math with computing” to your teachers,  principal,  superintendent, and president and members  of the district board of education, and  ask them  to contact us and work together on bringing the C-STEM program to your school.