C-STEM K-12 Math/CS/Engineering Design Curriculum

The C-STEM Math/CS/Engineering Design Curriculum is specially designed to prepare TK-12 students for Computing and STEM related careers and post-secondary studies. The C-STEM CTE Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Engineering Pathway provides TK-12 students with 14 years of hands-on integrated math, science, and computer science education. The engaging hands-on computing and robotics activities help students make meaningful connections between abstract math concepts and real-life applications as shown in C-STEM Math and CS Success Stories.




 (More information about the Redlands Math and CS success story can be found here.)

The C-STEM Math/CS/Engineering Design Curriculum has been under active development for more than a decade. The Common Core compliant math curriculum from transitional kindergarten math all the way to Algebra 2 is aligned with most of  commonly used math textbooks. It can be used as either supplementary or first instruction along with existing math textbooks. The K-12 CS Standards compliant curriculum in C-STEM ICT Pathway contains various CS elective courses at each grade level from kindergarten to 12th grade, including AP Computer Science Principles with Robotics, and a capstone high school course on Robotic Technologies. Students can get started with C-STEM math and CS courses at any grade level. All C-STEM high school courses are UCOP pre-approved with A-G credit to fulfill admission requirements for the UC and California State University systems.

C-STEM is  a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate Admission to all UC campuses. Students using the rigorous C-STEM TK-12 Math and CS Curriculum are exposed to computational thinking and coding in RoboBlocky and Ch/C/C++ for up to 14 years, woven together with math, science, engineering, and even artistic projects. C/C++ is the foundation for ICT, and one of the most widely used programming languages in universities and the ICT industry. C-STEM students will thus be better prepared with college and career readiness to take on the challenges that await them in college and the workplace. Our platform has a low floor and and a high ceiling. It allows teachers and students to make a  smooth transition seamlessly from user-friendly drag-and-drop block-based coding to text-based programming in Ch/C/C++. C-STEM middle and high school students can reach out to mentor and teach elementary school students through service learning as both groups can use the same platform. 

The C-STEM Center has more than a decade of experience in providing C-STEM Professional Development for teachers, including those who have no prior computer programming and robotics experience. The focus is on the integrated learning of math and CS with hands-on coding and robotics to implement the C-STEM ICT and Engineering Pathway effectively. PD participants have an option to get their CS Credential through the Joint UC Davis/UC Riverside Computer Science Supplementary Teaching Credential Authorization Program. Participants have consistently rated C-STEM PD as one of the best PDs they have ever attended, as shown in the testimonials near the end of this C-STEM CS Credential page. The Center can also bring tailored C-STEM on-site professional development opportunities to your school, district, county, and region.

Working together we can transform TK-12 math education with coding and robotics.  The C-STEM program can provide life-changing experience for teachers and their students!