2025 6th Annual C-STEM Symposium


2025 Symposium

The UC Davis C-STEM Center will organize the 2025 6th Annual C-STEM Symposium in Spring 2025.

The Annual C-STEM Symposium provides a forum for Southern California district and school administrators, and K-12 teachers in Southern California to share their visions, best practices, and experiences in transforming math education with hands-on coding and robotics, with a special focus on closing the math achievement gap for at-promise students and English language learners.

C-STEM is a UC Approved Educational Preparation Program for Undergraduate Admission for all UC campuses with UCOP A-G Program Status. The C-STEM program transforms math education, helps close the math achievement gap, and engages traditionally unrepresented groups and at-risk students in hands-on learning math with computing and robotics, as shown in C-STEM Math Success Stories.

Experienced C-STEM teachers will share their insights and strategies for integrating C-STEM coding and robotics into classroom teaching, and how to get started. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore C-STEM Math/CS/Engineering Curriculum, strategies, resources, and robotics with Arduino and Linkbots. Experienced C-STEM administrators will talk about the successful implementation of C-STEM, hands-on learning, and discuss long-term benefits and adaptability of the program.




Plenary Panel Session with Superintendents



Breakout Sessions

Many hands-on breakout sessions are designed for Learning through doing. Learn from experienced C-STEM teachers to share their experience on how to integrate computing, robotics, Arduino into their STEM classes for hands-on learning to close the achievement gap. Bring your own laptop of Windows, Mac OS X, or Chromebook to join many hands-on sessions to learn, and take the latest technologies, curriculum, know-how, and excitement  to your classroom teaching and making. You can find details of breakout sessions here.


Breakout Session 1 

1A. Hands-on Coding and Robotics Experience for Administrators - Exploring Robotics and C-STEM Resources/Tools (Bring-Your-Own-Computer)    

1B. Getting Started with Hands-on C-STEM Coding, Robotics, and Curriculum for the Absolute Beginner of Teachers (Bring-Your-Own-Computer)

1C. Integrating C-STEM Coding and Robotics into Teaching ES/MS Math Schoolwide    

1D. Live-Teaching - 3rd Grade Teacher:  Demonstration of Teaching Math/Coding/Robotics - Lower Elementary    

1E. Leading the Change in Math and Computer Science Teaching & Learning:  Redlands USD and Louisiana State Department of Education


Breakout Session 2 

2A. Pathways & Careers in STEM/Robotics 

2B. C-STEM for CTE, CS, Science Education (Bring-Your-Own-Computer)

2C. Integrating Coding and Robotics into Elementary School Math and/or for Dual Immersion/Multi-language Learners

2D. Live-Teaching: Demonstration of Teaching Math/Coding/Robotics - Upper Elementary, MS and HS  

2E. Strategies for Inclusive Learning, Including Students with Disabilities   


Breakout Session 3 

3A.  Showcase of Learning Elementary Math and CS/STREAM with Coding and Robotics (Parade, Expo, Gallery Walk, RoboPlay & Other Fun Projects)

3B. Arduino: Introduction to Basic Electronics and Creative Problem Solving for Physical Computing (Bring-Your-Own-Computer)

3C. Integrating C-STEM Coding and Robotics into Alg1, Geo, Alg2 or Integrated Math I, II, and III (MS & HS)

3D. Full STREAM Ahead: Reading/Literacy, Creating Art, Animations, Music, and STREAM in Your School (Bring-Your-Own-Computer)    

3E. Administrative Perspectives on How to Get Started with C-STEM, Best Practices, and Success Stories in Math/CS/Robotics 


Breakout Session 4

4A. Showcase of Learning Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School Math and CS/STREAM with Coding/Robotics (Teaching a module/lesson)

4B. What is C-STEM and What's New? (AP CS Principles with Robotics, Engineering Design with Robotics, & Exciting Features/Products. New CA Math Framework & CS HS Requirement for Graduation)

4C. GIRL Camp, Ujima GIRL Project & UCD/UCR CS Supplementary Teaching Credential Authorization Program 

4D. The Power of STREAMING: Engaging Students with Reading/Literacy, Art, Animations, Music, and Engineering/Robotics (Elementary School)    

4E. Showcasing Student Learning:  Summer Math/Robotics Camps, RoboPlay Challenge Competition & Student Projects

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