C-STEM Robotics Camp: Grades 1-2

The C-STEM Robotics Camp for students in Grades 1-2 introduces students to computer programming and robotics. The campers will also learn teamwork and communication skills.

two young students playing with a linkbot

The curriculum for this camp includes:

  • Getting Started in Coding and Robotics with RoboBlocky 
  • RoboBlocky User Interface and Move an Object Up/Down/Left/Right 
  • Control Hardware Linkbot Robot 
  • Drive a Robot Forward and Backward 
  • Turn Robot 
  • Program a Robot with Sound and Color 
  • Run Program Step-by-Step to Learn and Debug 
  • Move Multiple Robots 
  • Create Your Own Robot Machines 
  • Change Robot Model and Size, and Background in Settings 
  • Creative Design Project